Magic Flight Launch Box Review

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The Magic Flight Launch Box, commonly abbreviated to ‘MFLB’ is a beautifully simple and functional portable vaporizer. Its tiny wooden body gives it a certain charm and character that you just don’t get with metal or plastic devices.

It is truly revolutionary, the first vape to offer an affordable, effective and discreet option to the masses, rightly securing its place as the best selling portable unit of all time.

Ease of Use

You’ll find no fancy LED readouts here, no temperature control dial and no spring loaded hidden chamber. In fact, on paper the MFLB looks pretty basic, archaic even, but don’t let that fool you! This reliable, stripped down vape is simply a pleasure to use.

To load up the device swivel the plastic screen and place your chosen mix in the metal trench beneath it. The big thing to remember is to grind your herbs very finely, the MFLB really doesn’t work too well otherwise.

When I say the MFLB is basic, I really mean it. There is no button to start heating, instead the user has to literally push the special rechargeable battery into the hole in the device, completing the circuit and initiating the heating process. In just five seconds it will have reached temperature and you can begin sipping that sweet vapor from the straw.

After a few hits give the box a little shake to ensure you get an even roast, and repeat the process. There is a slight learning curve with the MFLB. You need to regulate your sips and get used to how it works. You can’t just suck the straw like you would a bong and expect the same results. This might sound confusing but it’s actually fairly simple, and the technique quickly becomes second nature.

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The trench is very accessible, making it really easy to clean and to load and unload. Some portable vaporizers are a pain to clean out, and once you’ve experienced that frustration you really appreciate the MFLB’s simplicity.

You can also vaporize tiny amounts of herb which is great if you don’t need or want much, something else that you can’t do with most vaporizers.

Vapor Quality

Considering the cost and size of the MFLB, the vapor quality is actually pretty good. Even out performing some of its more expensive portable rivals. You need to get the hang of using it though, get your timing wrong or hold the battery in too long and you could end up burning you herbs.


I’m not sure if I mentioned it already but this thing is TINY. Measuring just 2.5 inches long, the MFLB is the smallest vaporizer on the market. It can easily be concealed within the palm of your hand, combine that with the simple method of operation and ultra-quick warm up time, and you have the perfect weapon for an undercover hit!

Battery Life

A fully charged battery will only give you about 20 hits, the unit comes with two though so you effectively have double that if you keep a spare battery in another pocket. You can always upgrade to more powerful batteries, or simply buy an extra set to get more use out of it.

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The Launch box is surprisingly robust. Given it’s natural, do-it-yourself aesthetic you might not expect it to last, but rest assured – this is an expertly designed and crafted product.

Its simplicity is its greatest asset, there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong and when it does it’s easy to fix. Not that it matters, as you’re about to find out…


Most products come with a years warranty, some two, some five. Some, like the Pax give you an impressive ten years. Not the Launch Box though, not even close. They offer a lifetime warranty!

That’s right, they’ll replace any unit for as long as you may live. They’re not picky either, any fault whatsoever and they’ll replace it. Can’t argue with that can you?


$119 from Vapeworld   (Best US Price)    £84.00 from VapoShop (Best EU Price)

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