Vaporizer Reviews

Here’s our list of portable vaporizer reviews. You’ll only find products here that we have personally used and tested, ensuring each review is honest and accurate.

We have no affiliations with any manufacturer and never will.


Pax Vaporizer Review

  The new daddy of portable vaporizers. Pax combines unbelievable power
  and flavor with a beautifully compact and highly innovative design.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

  The undisputed king of quality. When it comes to flavor, the Solo puts some
  desktop units to shame. Boasting seven temperature settings, it is also one of
  the most versatile of all portable vaporizers.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

  Affectionately known as the MFLB. This tiny vaporizer has a huge following and
  is adored for its simplicity, effectiveness and low price point. To top it off it comes
  with a lifetime guarantee!

VaporGenie Review

Thanks to a clever bit of design, the VaporGenie uses a flame in order to heat your herbs without burning them. It's incredibly simple, affordable and a great introduction to vaporizing

Puffit Vaporizer Review

  Created with stealth at its very core, the Puffit offers discreet, effective
  vaporization with a number of temperature settings.

DaVinci Vaporizer Review

  The DaVinci is an ambitious and versatile portable vaporizer packed with
  features, from extremely precise temperature control hidden compartments,
  it's well worth checking out!

Plenty Vaporizer Review

From the creators of the legendary Volcano, the Plenty is a powerful beast capable of producing plumes of super high quality vapor in an instant, but is it a true portable?

Wispr Vaporizer Review

  Powered by Butane, the Wispr offers effective and consistent vaporization for
  those that don't want to worry about temperature settings and charging.

Iolite Original Vaporizer Review

  The original Iolite vaporizer was a real game changer when it was released a
  few years back. It's starting to show its age a little now but is still a quality product
  and really built to last.

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