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Vaporizing Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea)
May 29th, 2013Herbs to VaporizeJoel 0 Comments

Follow Us Considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians, Blue lotus has been used for millennia to help people reach a higher state of consciousness. Traditionally it was steeped in wine, although it can also be vaporized, smoked or made into a tea. The effects are subtle but pleasant, giving users a relaxed dreamy high, often […]

Vaporizing Kanna
May 9th, 2013Health, Herbs to VaporizeOtis Paull 1 Comments

Follow Us Native to South Africa, this herb has a long history of human use. Vaporizing kanna produces some interesting and pleasant effects, but should be used with caution as it can interfere with other drugs. Kanna has a distinctive and unusual taste, although not unpleasant. Shown to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties,

Vaporizing Sage
March 22nd, 2013Health, Herbs to VaporizeHarry 0 Comments

Follow Us Most of us know sage as a tasty addition to food, but did you know the herb also has a long history of medical use? Vaporizing sage can release many of its medicinal qualities, and has a fragrant, woody flavor. Native to the Mediterranean, sage has been used for centuries to fight cold […]

Vaporizing Damiana
February 17th, 2013Health, Herbs to VaporizeHarry 0 Comments

Follow Us Native to central America, Damiana has a long history of use both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Traditionally it has been brewed as a tea, but is also very effective when vaporized. Damiana has a pleasant and aromatic taste which is best appreciated at around 190°C (374°F). The Effects The Mayans used it […]

Vaporizing Green Tea
January 10th, 2013Health, Herbs to Vaporizeadmin 0 Comments

Follow Us The Chinese have known the wonders of green tea for millennia. It makes a very healthy and delicious drink, and it’s great to vaporize too! The flavor is pleasant and tea-like as you might expect. It boasts anti-irritant and anti ache properties, it eases digestion and can alleviate depression. Users generally report a […]

Vaporizing Chamomile
December 5th, 2012Health, Herbs to Vaporizeadmin 0 Comments

Follow Us This easily cultivated plant has been used for hundreds of years to help ease indigestion, headaches, anxiety and depression and also to aid sleep. Vaporizing chamomile can produce the same effects of relaxation and mild euphoria that occur when prepared as a tea, the most common method of consumption. The taste is distinctive […]

Vaporizing Peppermint
September 23rd, 2012Health, Herbs to Vaporizeadmin 1 Comments

Follow Us A favorite among vapor enthusiasts, peppermint not only tastes fantastic but is also really good for relieving the symptoms of a cold. Vaporizing peppermint produces that same refreshing cooling effect you get when brushing your teeth or smoking a menthol cigarette. Not only that, but it has anti-infective properties which actually help clear […]

Vaporizing Hops
September 8th, 2012Herbs to Vaporizeadmin 0 Comments

Follow Us Not only good for beer, hops are equally as tasty vaporized! They have a delicate and complex flavor, with notable differences between the many varieties. Some people report effects such as relaxation and mild euphoria when vaporizing hops, most just vape it for the taste. Aromatic hop varieties are best, try vaporizing them […]

Vaporizing Lavender
August 30th, 2012Health, Herbs to Vaporizeadmin 0 Comments

Follow Us Many common herbs can be vaporized. This week our focus in on lavender, which not only tastes fantastic but can be very effective in treating insomnia and providing pain relief. The best temperature for vaporizing lavender is 266°F (130°C), too high and you’ll destroy the very molecules that provide benefit. Too low and it may […]