The Search For The Best Vaporizer Pen 2013
April 15th, 2013Vaporizer PensHarry 0 Comments

The world of vape pens is a confusing one, choosing the best vaporizer pen for you can be a very daunting task due to the sheer volume of products available today, and the conflicting opinions you will find surrounding them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap pens out there that are of extremely poor quality. Nearly all are simply re-branded e-cigs that were never designed for use with cannabis concentrates or herbs. While they may work to begin with (if you’re lucky) almost all have a very short lifespan. I assure you, in the long run you will actually save money if you invest a little more in a reliable pen from the very start.

I should also mention that vaporizer pens are primarily designed for use with concentrates, not herbs. If you plan on exclusively vaporizing herbs then you may want to look at some of the other portable options such as the MFLB and Pax, both very capable and highly portable units.

If, on the other hand you enjoy cannabis concentrates (wax, hash and oils) then a vaporizers pen is really the perfect tool. Many portable units can’t handle concentrates in any form, whereas vaporizer pens are almost exclusively designed for use with concentrates, and handle them very well.

So, which is best?

After countless hours of research and testing I have compiled this short list of vaporizer pens that I think are worth the money. No funny business here, no shady Chinese e-cigs in disguise, just quality products from real companies with a proven track record.

persei vaporizer pen best vaporizer penPersei Vaporizer – $199 from VaporNation

Considered by many to be the best vaporizer pen on the market, the Persei hits hard and fast. It works amazingly well with concentrates such as BHO, earwax and budder, reliably producing big tasty hits all day long.

A single charge can provide up to 200 puffs, which is a lot when you’re dealing with concentrates! It’s no surprise some people go weeks without having to recharge.

The manufacturer has since released a number of attachments for the Persei, allowing for vaporization of plant material as well as concentrates, and making the unit compatible with water pipes.

At $199 this isn’t exactly a budget vaporizer but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for” and what you’re paying for is a very high quality and durable vaporizer that will keep you happy for years if you treat it right. It also ships with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

omicron vaporizer pen best vaporizer pens

Omicron Vaporizer – $119 from VaporNation
The Persei’s little brother. Smaller, cheaper and more discreet, the trade off is a shorter battery life and less power. If you’re looking for a highly portable vaporizer pen then this is one of the best options out there for sure, and infinitely better than any of the knock off $60 units.

Heavy users might find the Omicron to be a bit lacking in the power department to be used as a main device, however it could make the perfect portable addition to your arsenal.

Likewise, if you are a light to medium user then you will probably be delighted with the performance of the Omicron.

Like its older brother, the Omicron comes with a lifetime warranty and has a number of attachments that can be bought separately, allowing for vaporization of herbs and use with water pipes.

vip vaporizer pen best vaporizer pens

VIP Vaporizer – $115 from SilverSurfer
The VIP vape might look like countless other vaporizer pens but this one actually WORKS. It will even vaporize herbs without the need for attachments.

Where the VIP really excels though is with concentrates such as oils and waxes. This unit actually packs quite a punch and is capable of producing some impressive clouds given its small size. Similarly, the battery life is good and the vapor quality is fantastic.

Having said that, I don’t feel that the quality of the unit in general matches up to the other two vaporizers I’ve listed here, it just doesn’t feel quite as polished. Perhaps it’s just aesthetic as it operates smoothly and appears to be reliable, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Another downside to this vaporizer is the warranty, which is only six months. If that bothers you then the Persei or Omicron might be a better choice, if not then the VIP is definitely worth a look.


Bottom line is, if you plan on mostly using concentrates and perhaps occasionally herbs then any of these pens will serve you well. If you want a vaporizer exclusively for use with herbs then I would look elsewhere. There are other portables that are better suited and just as convenient as any pen.

Give it a few more years and I’m positive we will have a much bigger selection of great vaporizer pens at our disposal, until then my advice is to stick firmly with these three and be very skeptical of any new models you come across. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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