Vaporizing Chamomile
December 5th, 2012Health, Herbs to Vaporizeadmin 0 Comments

This easily cultivated plant has been used for hundreds of years to help ease indigestion, headaches, anxiety and depression and also to aid sleep. Vaporizing chamomile can produce the same effects of relaxation and mild euphoria that occur when prepared as a tea, the most common method of consumption.

The taste is distinctive and tends to split opinion, many people find it to be very enjoyable though. It is often found in herbal mixtures and makes a great ‘base’ for a concoction of other herbs, it also compliments cannabis very nicely both in taste and in effect, helping to take the edge off a sativa dominant strain for instance.vaporize chamomile

374°F (190°C) is the recommended temperature for vaporizing chamomile. Dry chamomile is best although fresh may still work with higher powered vaporizers.

You can buy chamomile for just a few dollars and it really is one of the most enjoyable herbs to vape. If you’re looking to experiment a little this is a great place to start.

We would also recommend you try lavender, peppermint and hops. Remember to come back and let us know what you think of them!

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